VadaPav : The traditional Indian Burger

In today’s world, lots of things are changing with the time. Right from the lifestyle to technology, from the way of living to eating habits. The food industry has changed so fast, that young Indian minds are more attracted to the delicious and tasty foods that are available outside compared to the traditional foods.

Fast food in India has evolved with the changing lifestyle of Young Indians.  To make healthy and tasty, many of the traditional foods are now available at restaurant & fast food outlets. This adaption is made to offer variety in taste, to give better service in lesser time. A typical format is followed by most of the fast food chains.

Their common offerings are  

  • vadapavs,
  • pavbhaji,
  • dosa,
  • sambhar,
  • chips,
  • Sandwiches
  • Softdrinks
  • beverages.

Though the taste and quantity may vary from place, the brand, and geographical location(city/state). It also depends on the time they are order or served.

 Among of all the fast food that are available, Vadapav is one of the popular localized food in India.


 It directly comes from the heart of India, Maharashtra. It has been an iconic status of India. It is said to be a poor man’s food. It is easy to prepare, quick to serve. Vadapav consists of a batata vada sandwiched between pav. It is served with red chilli-garlic powder, a green chutney paste or with sweet tamarind chutney.

Today it has got a new face on Mumbai streets that it is competing with the international burgers that are available.  Private food chains have started selling this vadapav as one of the premium vadapav under their brand name. Jumboking Vada pav, Ashok Vada pav and Goli Vada pav are few of them who has taken given honor to our vadapav as traditional india burger.

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